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Christian Values

We have a set of values that govern our identity as a company and act as a measure of how well we support people:

Karrek is motivated by the Christian faith and this is reflected through the company ethos & practice. The following values are ones in which we will aspire to achieve in our culture and the way we do business.

God Centred - (Putting Biblical values into practice)

  • Recognising the 'faith' foundation of the company
  • Doing things in the right way & for the right reasons
  • Keeping the vision and practice God Centred
  • Behaving in a Christ like way

Encouragement - (Bringing out the best in each other)

  • Always building up
  • Celebrating & praising achievement
  • Showing tolerance & forgiveness
  • Putting people before plans
  • Respecting diversity of gifts and abilities
  • Encouraging growth through success and failure

Servant Heart - (Putting people first)

  • Humility
  • Obedience
  • Seeking to meet each other needs
  • Openness to feedback

Equality - (Recognising that everyone is made in the image of God)

  • Valuing everyone for who they are regardless of background
  • Being inclusive in our practice & actions
  • Being just & impartial in all our dealings

Dignity - (Acting with high standards of respect & value)

  • Showing respect to everyone we meet & work with
  • Always have time to listen
  • To honour peoples achievements
  • To build self esteem with the people we meet